Governor’s Message

This year as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the adoption of our Optimist Creed, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the 10 tenents of the creed. Ten succinct and thought-provoking statements that when looked at individually are a guide for both greater success and happiness in life. That’s why I’ve chosen the theme Living the Creed as the theme for the year.

It’s been rough the past 18 months with Covid-19 and now it’s time for all of us to focus our energy on the future. There are greater needs than ever before to support the kids and our communities. We must each ask ourselves what needs to be done, then do it. Even a small effort can make a huge difference. You can make a difference, and I encourage you to start today. If not you…then who?

I encourage each of us to live the creed…and it starts with three small steps:

  • Share your Optimist story
  • Sponsor a new member
  • Participate in a club activity or project

By completing those three easy steps, you will make a differen!

It has been said that every time we bring a new member into our Optimist club, we serve an additional 35 children. Just imagine, if only 10% of the Optimist members in Illinois sponsored one new member, we’d be helping over 4,800 more children.

I challenge you to be the best Optimist you can be and to remain committed to making a difference to the kids and your community. Together, we can change the world – let’s make it happen!

– Carol Schlitt, Illinois Optimist Governor