Governor’s Message

OPTIMIST – One who usually expects a favorable outcome, or as Winston Churchill once said one who sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Our Illinois District is made up of approximately 1500 members. Each and every one of you became an Optimist and took the oath to fulfill your responsibilities as a club member and to achieve the purposes of your club and strive to live by the Optimist Creed. Accomplishing that is probably quite easy when done by yourself, but how effective is it? As a club all members need to participate to some extent in order to accomplish the goals set to benefit the kids. The more club members the more help; the more kids will benefit. Optimist clubs have been around for over 100 years and Optimist International is quickly approaching that as well. For anything to withstand 100 years you need the work of many people. As your Governor I am asking each of you to help and bring in 1 member to your club this year. I am asking you to search and find that one person who has the love and desire of an Optimist and bring them into your club. Give them a job and watch what amazing help they will bring to your club. By doing this we will become a more powerful District and benefit the over 600,000 children currently living in poverty in Illinois alone. We may have all joined our clubs for many different reasons but I believe the reasons we all renew may be the same. Whether it be our friends, the activities or the children we benefit – all the reasons are good. Please consider bringing in that one person who can then share those same great experiences as you. Help find that one person who believes that the children of today will be the Optimists and Leaders of tomorrow. Do this not for me but for the kids. I in turn will do and work very hard this year as the Governor of Illinois to help each and every one of you as a cheerleader, sounding board, marketing and promotional liaison, worker or,,,,, because TOGETHER WE CAN make a difference in the lives of all children.

—Ruth Del Re, Illinois District Governor